11 Ideas That Will Rewire Your Brain


7. Failure is only the beginning

All success begins with failure. You don’t read that in your college books now do ya! When something doesn’t work out, our brains are wired to find another way.

The trick is to string together as many failures as you can in the same area of your life, and if practiced enough, you’ll eventually translate them all into one giant success.

This is something we are never taught, and we all poo our pants at the thought of something not working out the way we had hoped. Treat your life like a science experiment and start trying new things to see what formulas for success work for you, and which one’s don’t work at all.

8. Action is all that matters

You can read as many blogs like this as you want and you can surround yourself with rah rah rah positivity. None of this will help your success. What will help your success the most is taking action on the knowledge you learn from all the different references in your life.

When I say action, though, I mean immediate action, not delayed action. Delayed action is often too late, and it gives us an excuse for when we fail. Fear is what get’s in the way of taking immediate action which is why you have to learn to tango with these scary moments.

I get asked all the time whether entrepreneurs should ask for non-disclosure agreements when talking about their business ideas. I tell them the cold hard truth; an idea means nothing what so ever. The value in an idea is only revealed when action is taken.

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I’m sure we all had the idea for Uber in the back of our minds somewhere. Only two intelligent folks decided to put in the effort and take action on a tough business.

Are you going to take action or let someone else experience your success instead while you sit back and continue gaining useless knowledge?


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